Five giants with open arms

Five giants with open arms

The seafront becomes a walk across the five continents thanks to the sculpture


The list is becoming smaller. Its a repeated scene, day and night. There are fewer neigbours and racers without a picture next to one of the five giants with open arms located on the waterfront. From the Palacete del Embarcadero to the Peligros beach. Five figures of four meters high which represent the five continents. A huge welcome. Santander World is the name of this initiative. The authors are members of the Asociación Cántabra de Artístas Visuales. Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania. And just one will stay in the city forever when the World Championship has finished.


Magdalena Palce ( Included en the series of conferences: Knowledge and values: The same freedom as always in todays state it will be imparted by the Professor of Procedural Law, Andrés de la Oliva, from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).
Theatre Called Muda, this is a piece written and directed by Argentinian author. Paul Messiez. It shows the healing power of fiction. Stripped of artifice and structured around the script and the actors, the piece surprises due to its freshness. Paraninfo de la Magdalena (21.15 H.)
Karaoke You can enjoy wiht the series: The Karaoke Rock
Band with the idea of returned music versions of the Rolling Stones, Kiss, AC/DC or The Polic and also spanish bands, among others. Free entrance until capacity is full. Black Bird Clib (21.29 H.

In fron of the Real Club Marítimo, the Old continent. Europe is silver, or, at least, that is the way Emeric Minaya, author of the sculpture, sees it. He says that his idea is based on « the unit and uniformity that define modern Europe». America is located in Calderóns dock (work of Sandra Suárez). The colour is the main character.

The doll from Asia is placed at Puertochico. Its maybe the most different one. María Centeno has used wood and relief which give a different aspect to her figure. Two are left and the walk continues through the World Championship areas. Oceania, from Tomás Hoya, is close to the Maritime Museum. Koalas, indigenous.... Africa is at the end of the route (by José Luis Ochoa). Next to the beach, a man made of rusted steel. Last night a girl was taking a picture looking at the presumed eyes of the figure. With the moon in the background...