A paella in La Maruca

‘La Maruca’ has the charm of a far-away place./
‘La Maruca’ has the charm of a far-away place.


La Maruca has the charm of a far-away place: though not far from the center, it is distanced from the hustle and bustle of the city and offers one of the most characteristic Santanderian images. La Maruca is a special neighborhood (located in the area of Monte), full of striking landscapes, a seagoing feel, and the smell of its shores.

It is best to get there by taxi or even venture out on a bike ride (consult municipal bus routes and schedules). Walking there is also an option from the lighthouse at Cabo Mayor along the coastal hiking path, and this excursion is sure to guarantee a large appetite upon arrival. This coastal corner offers several options for the hungry hiker, although the first thing sure to surprise them will be the fishermans monument. If the weather is nice, there are sure to be people sunbathing on the rocks or going for a swim in the cove. At the appetizer hour, some draft beers accompanied by fried octopus or mussels are a great way to start. One can drift from bar to bar until they decide where to sit down for lunch. Seafood, fish Here the paella or rice with different ingredients are also very traditional meals. A fresh white wine best accompanies these.

How to get there?

Center for Coastal Interpretation. La Maruca (closed Mondays and bank holidays). Summer schedule: Tuesday Sunday 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-19.30. Winter schedule: Tuesday Sunday 09.00-15.00. Telephone: 618 717 613

Just beside there is the Center for Coastal Interpretation, found in the old coastal defense battery of Saint Peter of the Sea. It makes for a nice afternoon visit. This space permanently shelters the exposition Coastal Heritage of Cantabria where each visitor can learn about the characteristics specific to the Cantabrian coast, the flora and fauna of the region and also the various uses that human beings have given it throughout its history. It is open Tuesday to Sunday during the summer months from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 17.00 to 19.30 (it is closed Mondays and bank holidays). However, if one would rather have a breath of fresh air, taking a walk along the coast will be hours will spent.

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