Packing day yesterday in Gamazo. /
Packing day yesterday in Gamazo.

Laser and boards finish, but they take some days off


dío era llamativa y los regatistas, más que reconocibles. Algunos, de hecho, llevaban incluso la ropa oficial de sus equipos nacionales.

Y, con ellos, una nube de voluntarios. Especialmente, los más jóvenes, con ganas de enseñar la ciudad y despedirse de quienes han sido sus acompañantes en Gamazo durante el último mes.

«Yo me quiero quedar a vivir en Santander», comentaba una de las participantes que más tiempo ha estado en la ciudad. Lo hacía, además, en español. Una de las cosas que ha aprendido. Algo que se llevará hasta Serbia.

The girl from Serbia had a clubs stamp in her arm and the sailing accreditation on her pocket. «There is a party for racers». Around one in the morning, Cañadio was full. A Thursday at the end of September. Most of them hadnt gone out on town until late -they were asking everyone where to go-, but now some of them are on holidays. Athletes have started to leave Santander. It will be the farewell weekend. Gradually. You can already feel the environment in Gamazo. Its time to pack. But its a half-farewell for some. «I dont have my ticket until next Wednesday», said a South American racer. A further week, as a tip, but without boat.

She competed in Laser class with a rented boat. Laser were the first to finish. Among boys and girls, more than 250 opponents free since Wednesday afternoon. Yesterday was the turn for boards. Other 160. The rest of classes will say goobye between today and tomorrow.

This was most of all noticeable at the CEARs esplanade and in the surroundings of the Dune. Dismantled boats, shore boats in the trailers and lot of free space. Those who came by car have almost gone. They can leave once they complete their races, but most of them prefer to take one day off before leaving the city. Flights availability considering that some dates could be open.

According to the organisation, there will be only two hundred participants at the closing ceremony. The other calculations corresponds to the local business. On Thursday night there were lots of foreign clients. It was the further reflection of the competition at night. The picture of Cañadio was flashy and racers were recognizable. Some of them wore the official clothes of their national teams.

And with them, a cloud of volunteers. Specially the youngest ones. They wanted to show the city and say goobye to their colleagues in Gamazo.

«I want to stay here and live in Santander», said one of the participants that spent more time in the city. She said it in Spanish. One of the things she learnt. Something she will bring to Serbia.